COVID-19 Response: We have connected with leaders of various global entities who have reacted to COVID-19 responsibility.
We will communicate these suggestions to our Maando users and insist on multiplying bio-care measures to protect well being and Health of everyone

Together, we all win!

Together, we all win!

Package delivery between friends who travel from one place to another.

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What is Maando?

Maando is the largest collaboration platform on the planet. We send packages between people who travel from one place to another. If you ever dreamed that your packages would arrive to another destination in less than 24 hours; earn money while traveling; know places where you have never been able to go; then this is the time to be part of our community.

Is it already working?

We are already working through our Instagram @maandofriends and through our telephone lines. The application will be available from September 1st and will work for IOS and Android. We will start operations from Toronto, connecting with 60 cities around the world.

Entrepreneurs and sustainability

Maando connects all the ventures that want to put their products around the world. Are you an entrepreneur? This is your platform.

At Maando we highlight the projects that are focused on changing the world through sustainability.

User safety

Our users are our priority; therefore, we will provide a service with dogs and anti-drug and anti-explosive professionals with the support of the CEC (Canine Specialized Center) who guarantee that the packages carried by the Maando Friends are free of prohibited substances or elements.

Learn more about Maando with the following videos:

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